Trading Tools

Metatrader4 Trading software
With Metatrader4 you can trade on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Download the software from your broker’s website. There are a lot of online video tutorials how to use MT4.

TradingView Charting
Make sure you have a free account at Tradingview! Click here to make one.
There are paid versions when you want to have multiple indicators at the same time, use your charts on more computers at the same time etc. but most people will be able to work with the free version at the start.

Pivot ScannerCharting
A tool created by Lee Allen, online available at the IM Academy. If you don’t have an IM Academy account yet please click here to contact me.

Infinity Trading ToolsIndicator Set
Long have we been working on a trading tool that works for everyone all day. I’m happy to announce this toolset is purchasable for everyone with the Pivot Scanner access at the IM Academy.

Update June 2020: The Infinity tool is available on
You can purchase the toolset upgrade as an add on of the Pivot Scanner at the IM Academy now!

Update April 2020: We have chosen the name for the new toolset: Infinity !

Update 21 March 2020: Our followers can now vote for the new name of the software tool! Click here to vote!

Update 10 March 2020: Software programming of the new Trading Tool in Trading View Pine script is completed!

Update 22 February 2020: Programming started to convert the Trading Tool to a Trading View Pine indicator.

Update 17 February 2020: The official approval for the Trading tool to be launched on the IM Academy Pivot scanner was received!

Fill in your details here to get support to access to the Infinity Tools:

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