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I recently authored my first book, “Trading & Investing,” which is now available to guide you through becoming profitable in the markets.

Live Speaking Events

You can find me traveling the world, as a keynote speaker, teaching the fundamentals of Trading, Investing, and Proper Mindest.


Trading Tools

The Infinity Tool V2.2 is my proprietary Trading View trading tool, and your secret weapon to gaining an edge over the market.

Forex Training

I teach people to capitalize on 6T of daily trading voluming using both technical & fundamental analysis, through private training videos.

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Being in business for myself during the last 17 years has gained me invaluable experience which has lead me to where I am today….

I have a passion for seeing projects to completition & helping others achieve their full potential.

Trading & Investing.
Now available.

Forex Trading is one of the most Lucrative methodologies of Creating Wealth Today, with over 6 Trillion of Trading Volume daily, building an income through the Forex Markets has never been more popular!

On the contrary, many novice traders dive into the markets with high aspirations, and suffer big losses, because they did not have the Foundational Skills to be a Profitable Trader.

This book is the compilation of years of experience I have in the Forex Markets as a Retail Trader, Investor and Mentor; where I personally Guide You through the ins-&-outs of the Foreign Exchange, and help you avoid the pitfalls of a new trader.

Trading & Investing reveals the foundational principles which have allowed me to create the life I desire, freedom I deserve, and absolute certainty in my financial position; no matter the direction of the market.

Remember, If I Can Do It, So Can You!

Trading and Investing

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Live Trading Oct 18 2021

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Forex Weekly Analysis - Week 21

Infinity Tool v2.2

This comprehensive Technical Trading Tool is the compilation of years of development, tweaking, fine tuning, and programming.

V2.2 aims to have the Buy/Sell arrows as perfect-as-possible placement on the charts.

Better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings to count your troubles.
– Maltbie D. Babcock

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