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December 3, 2021

Written by Bas Kooijman

I have been an Entrepreneur for over 17 years in IT, Telecom & International Business – Gaining me invaluable experience leading me to the creation of “The Infinity Tool“ I now personally Coach 100’s of students, from over 20 countries, how to be profitable in the Forex Markets.

Strong Fundamentals Are Key: CoinStruction Partners Up With Global Traders Team

The CoinStruction ecosystem has just expanded in a significant way through a newly signed partnership with Global Traders Team. This partnership opens up doors and is beneficial for both parties involved.

Global Traders Team (GTT) is introducing crypto trading education into their ecosystem and will be offering its clients a leeway into the cryptocurrency industry through CoinStruction’s cryptocurrency exchange

Between bull and bear cycles, more than 75% of individual day traders turn out to have negative P&L on their trading accounts. A partnership with GTT makes ExMarkets the 1st exchange which cares about  their users’ balance and portfolio. By proposing trade reviews, live sessions and the option to get in direct contact with their coaches, GTT will provide to Exmarkets users tailor-made tools to optimize their risk/reward ratio and share tips for money management.


– Laurent Bourquin, Chief Operating Officer at CoinStruction.

To make the partnership more fruitful, Bas Kooijman, CEO of Global Traders Team is getting involved with CoinStruction even more by taking the seat at the advisory board.

Working together with an Exchange that we can trust is very important. We’ve asked the management of CoinStruction if they really cared about their traders and we’ve got satisfying answers that indeed they do. Our traders like the combined orderbooks that are integrated in ExMarkets so we do not have to trade on multiple exchanges. For our coaches it is best to have all the students in one place as well so we have agreed on a tight collaboration and I believe this partnership will have a very successful future for everyone.” – Bas Kooijman added.

GTT has been actively involved in trading education practices around the world for over 5 years by organizing live webinars and physical meetings with accomplished trading professionals. Education starts from a beginners level and goes up to a highly technical level. Great traders are trained in a matter of 3 to 8 months, mostly starting part-time and trading their way up to earn a full-time income.

Global Traders Team’s coaches are seasoned professionals with an extensive stock, commodity, forex and crypto trading experience. All coaches have their own specialty that they use to support the students and the whole  community. They strive to empower their clients through knowledge sharing and close interpersonal communication. GTT has applications for beginners that can be used to get trading ideas so it is easy to look in the right direction.

Having a vast selection of tools at their disposal, GTT helps to find high probability precision trades with a defined risk and reward levels which enables people to make money on the go and during the daily live sessions.

At the beginning of this year, GTT decided to introduce crypto trading into their educational system and they support more and more uprising crypto traders. There is a separate cryptocurrency academy and they have released an application purely for sending crypto trade ideas to their students. Global Traders Team’s coaches actively support their students on the ExMarkets exchange.

CoinStruction is building a crypto liquidity ecosystem to cater he needs of all – crypto newbies and veterans, hodlers, professional and institutional traders. GTT’s traders will also be supporting ExMarkets current traders to become even better traders and share their experience in the crypto-asset markets with the community.

Currently the ecosystem consists of two functional cryptocurrency exchanges – ExMarkets and CoinSupply, a cryptocurrency wallet CoinAm and a digital OTC desk aggregating orders from multiple vendors – ExMarkets is at the later stages of development.

Together both teams are working daily on improving the exchange and helping the traders by hosting live sessions and monitoring their performance by giving away timely tips and suggestions on how to alter their strategies.

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