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November 29, 2021

Written by Bas Kooijman

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The Next Step In The Partnership Between Brokerteam and Xelion

Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, 1st of August 2014

Always focused on developing their companies and on continuous growth, Brokerteam and Xelion have taken the next step in their partnership: Brokerteam has officially become Distributor of Xelion!

Brokerteam and Xelion have been partners for quite some time and the partnership has proven to be very rewarding for both parties. Joint efforts have enabled both parties to improve their products and have strengthened the partnership.

Taking this next step, Brokerteam will be able to extend its services to its existing and future partners.

As Distributor, Brokerteam will offer Xelion 6 to its partners, both in hosted or non-hosted versions. Brokerteam will provide its partners with relevant Xelion support in order for them to successfully deliver Xelion to their customers. Ofcourse Brokerteam SIP Trunking Services are Xelion certified.

Xelion B.V. was founded in 1988 and has gained heaps of knowledge and experience throughout the years in developing customised Enterprise software based on the Xelion Business System. In addition, Xelion offers the Xelion Phone System; a complete, diverse and affordable solution for VoIP with the possibility to integrate fixed and mobile devices and to communicate via a laptop or desktop.

Xelion has an innovative R&D-team, highly educated software engineers and consultants and an experienced support department.

For more information about Xelion, visit their website:

Recently Xelion published the latest version of the Xelion Phone System: Xelion 6. Xelion 6 is a complete Telephone Exchange that allows you to communicate anytime, anywhere and with any device. Xelion 6 also introduces a newly designed softphone with even more functionality and a modern look and feel.

If you have any questions or wishes please contact us at +31-10-3060-160 or

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