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Trading and Investing

About The Book

The book you are about to read will support you in your first years as a trader!

Reading this book of Bas Kooijman will for sure change your mindset and will help you to understand the power of investing meanwhile improving your trading results.

At the age of 29 Bas Kooijman is an entrepreneur with an impressive career. You will read that he created websites for his customers when he was only 11 years old. Starting his career this early means that Bas has already 10 years more entrepreneurial experience than the average person his age.

6 Years ago he started trading in the Forex markets. At the start of struggling like every new trader, trying to find his way. Over time he created his own strategies that now are used by thousands of traders. In this book he simply gives you all kinds of tips and tricks to become a successful trader and start your journey to investing.

How successful you become depends on factors such as your starting balance, the time you have to trade, events that will happen during the year, and how you deal with them. The most crucial factor for you to see is that you are pushing forward throughout the year.

What’s inside


Ch. 1

Trading & Investing


Ch. 3

Traders’ Mindset


Ch. 2

Investor Mindset


And Much More...

17 Unique Chapters

Chapter 1

There are plenty of differences between trading and investing. Many people go into trading, looking at is as a hobby.

When they see it as a hobby, it is highly likely that they will make what I call “hobby money” or “hobby income.” When you do something for fun, it’s great to make a couple extra bucks. It’s nice to make a few hundred euros a month but it will never become something serious unless you become serious.

So trading in an excellent self-employed job. Using the cashflow quadrant of Robert Kiyosaki, I would put trading in a self-employed job on the left side of the quadrant, not on the right side. Many people see trading as investing or see themselves as investors when they are not.

When they are trading with their money, they put in their time to get more money, so they are still locked up in this time for money scheme, and they are not putting money to work for themselves. If you have a large balance and you are a good trader, it can be a very high-paying job with a very high hourly tariff.

But at the moment that you’re not trading, you’re not making any money. The main difference with investing is when you have an investment doing the work for you.

You might need to give it a certain amount of attention, especially at the beginning, when you have to construct the deal, get the deal, run and monitor the investments. But if you do nothing with a good investment, for example, when a real estate object has a renter and the renter pays his bills, you don’t have to do anything for at least 30 days until they pay their bill again.

You only have to do somrething when they don’t pay their bill and you need to get behind that or when something breaks at the house or any other improvements need to be completed.

You might have spend 15 minutes on the property to put things back in order. That’s investing. Investing is the money that works for you converted into an asset and that asset is giving you actual money on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

What I would like to see is traders creating an investor mindset. Traders must prepare themselves to become an investor, leave that self-employed job, and move to the right side of the cashflow quadrant.

As long as you remain a trader, if something happens with you that makes in impossible for you to trade, then you have no income. Thus, you will suffer or start spending from your balance. If something happens to you, your family will have nothing else other than the balance in your trading account. If they don’t have the skill of trading or investing to do something with that balance, they will be forced to eat up your balance slowly until it’s zero and that’s what you leave behind.



“For me, time freedome is more valuable than location freedom. I can sit in the same place, but decide my schedule…

That’s worth more to me than location freedom.”

The Proof

Bas is a really great teacher; positive patient and honest leader. Really loving the Guidance - Thanks Bas!

Alex Crocker

This has changed my perspective and expectation of the Forex Markets. Winning by consistency!


This book is awesome. It gives such great insight of Bas as an investor / trader, but also practical skills that will surely take your trading & investing to the next level! Thanks Bas!

Cameron Barke


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About the author.

Hello everyone, my name is Bas Kooijman, and I am excited to be sharing with you my latest book, ‘Trading & Investing.’ This has been the compilation of many years of study, trial & error, as well as success in many different areas both trading, investing, and business.

I have a passion for helping others achieve their goals through the disciplines of trading and investing. It is my pleasure to watch others be able to live the life that they want, on their terms – through hardwork and understanding, this is possible.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to the charts, this book will be your guide to becoming well-rounded in the markets.

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Trading & Investing

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Trading and Investing

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