The Infinity Suite

First the newest and updated Infinity Trading Tool version 2.2!

A lot of programming hours have been put in this new update to make sure that the buy and sell arrows are at the as-perfect-as-possible place on the chart.

This Technical Trading Tool, live on TradingView, is your secret weapon in being able to profitably trade in the markets with predictability and ease.

$39.95/mt + Infinity Tool
$67.91/mt  + Infinity Bundle

*Pay Yearly & Recieve 2 months FREE

Trading and Investing

Infinity Pivot Levels

The Infinity Pivot levels are unique in the way of presenting the past pivot levels for the last 1000 candles, making cutting edge calculations on where the pivot levels have been at that point of time.

Using this advanced system of calculations it creates an amazing Tool to see stronger confirmations on where pivot levels have been for a longer time over the last 1000 quarter-hours / 1000 hours / 1000 days et cetera.

With the option to calculate the pivot levels ignoring the Wicks of the candles using open-and-close price calculations, you can create more stable Pivot levels in times of spiky markets.


infinity tools bonus:
weekly private stream sessions

All users of The Infinity Tools will receive an weekly email with the invite to join a Private Stream on Tradingview only accessible to Infinity Tool users.

We will use this session to Trade Live on Tuesday 6:30 AM London time and answer any questions that may arise via the live chat.

Extra sessions may be scheduled during the week depending on the outlook of the week & trade volumes, so keep an eye on your e-mail!


THE Infinity Box

With the latest developments at Tradingview I have programmed The Infinity Box, which is still in Beta version 1.1 – as an amazing additon to The Infinity Tool.

Everyone who has a subscription on The Infinity Tools will also receive access to The Infinity Box!

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About the DEVELOPER.

Hello everyone, my name is Bas Kooijman, and I am excited to be sharing with ‘The Infinity Trading Suite of Tools.’ This has been the compilation of many years of study, trial & error, as well as success in many different areas both trading, investing, and business.

I have a passion for helping others achieve their goals through the disciplines of trading and investing. It is my pleasure to watch others be able to live the life that they want, on their terms – through hardwork and understanding, this is possible.

I wish you many pips with these tools!

Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to the charts, this book will be your guide to becoming well-rounded in the markets.

Take Your Trading To New Heights!


Choose Your Weapon In The Markets!

Trading and Investing

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Ordering Instructions & FAQs

What Options of Infinity Tools Can I Purchase?

You can order the Infinity Trading Tool V2.2 as a stand alone tool in a monthly or yearly subscription.
The full option is to buy the Bundle of the 
Infinity Trading Tool V2.2 with access to the Infinity Pivot Levels V2.1

Do I Need A Trading View Account & How Do I Find The Tools After Purchase?

Yes, you need a TradingView account, which if you do not have, you can create on by Clicking Right Here.

During the order, please mention your Tradingview Username as “Name” so we can easily find you and activate the tools.
Once activated (within 24 hours) go to “indicators” on the chart and you will find the Infinity Tools under “Invite-only scripts”.

Are There Any Additional Resources To Help Me Succeed?

Yes! Please Subscribe To “The Infinity Academy” on YouTube for additional support.

For all other questions, please message us at

Terms & Conditions:

  • Monthly subscriptions will be charged every 31 days.
  • Yearly subscriptions will be charged every 365 days. 
  • We do not process Refunds after the software is activated or prolonged.
  • Cancellation of your subscription can only be done by email to mentioning your Tradingview username, latest 1 working day before the next scheduled payment.