Entrepreneur and investor Bas Kooijman supports the 4Gamerz coin

Bas Kooijman is an entrepreneur for over 10 years with experience in IT and Telecom sectors. He is an active investor for many years in the crypto world. After buying and mining the first bitcoins in 2016 he worked with many cryptocurrency startups and ICO’s. Lately he is mostly advising teams on the background and actively trading Top30 coins.

Next to fulltime trading, Mr. Kooijman finds the time to be an active coach, supporting hundreds of people in over 15 countries to learn how to trade. 80% of his students are beginners who knew nothing before starting to trade with him. He is passionate about making goals with new students who want to learn and earn in a short period of time.

“The white-paper of 4Gamerz is clear and the idea is great. I see many ideas connected to coins that are hard to execute. I believe the team of 4Gamerz is so experienced and has already the contacts in the gaming world to bring this coin to the active coin in the top30 list with a great growing potential. I’m looking for the new “Paypal’s” of the crypto world and I know 4Gamerz is one of them!” Says Bas Kooijman, Ambassador of 4Gamerz and fulltime trader and Coach at iMarketsLive

More info: http://4gamerz.net

IT and Telecom ● Entrepreneur ● Start-up coach ● Investor ● Traveler ● Saxophone Player ● Music Lover

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