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November 29, 2021

Written by Bas Kooijman

I have been an Entrepreneur for over 17 years in IT, Telecom & International Business – Gaining me invaluable experience leading me to the creation of “The Infinity Tool“ I now personally Coach 100’s of students, from over 20 countries, how to be profitable in the Forex Markets.

Dutch Investors Open Service Centre Baltic Nest in Vilnius And Already Expanding To Kaunas

The owners of Dutch telecom company Brokerteam already work for many years with Lithuanian developers and are now embarking on further activities by opening a service center in Vilnius. After opening the Baltic Nest office space intended for small companies in the Quadrum office complex, it has almost filled the entire floor area and plans to expand the space in Vilnius as well as start developing a similar project in Kaunas.

“We moved to Vilnius to establish a service centre that would provide services for our company and our customers. However, we then saw a need for a space where Lithuanian companies wanting to establish in Lithuania or foreign companies planning to employ small teams could set up in a high-quality business building in a good location in the city. As Real Estate developers usually offer large premises of 1000 square meters or more in such business centres, teams of 2–12 people could not afford to set up in such spaces.”

-Bas Kooijman.

Over the next few years, the company plans to employ about 20 accounting, marketing and sales specialists who will provide services to the parent companies in the Netherlands, customers abroad and companies about to establish themselves at Baltic Nest.

“Our value offers to companies that set up in the ‘Nest’ is assistance entering foreign markets. We have experience in 35 countries all over the world and we have customers in more than 52 countries. We know the market specifics and business culture, and can contribute to their success. In the meantime, for foreign companies willing to work in Lithuania we offer law, finance and human resource services and share the contacts we have gathered”, said Mr Kooijman.

Following its expansion in Vilnius and Kaunas, Baltic Nest is considering the possibility of launching similar spaces in the capital cities of the other Baltic States, Riga and Tallinn.

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