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November 30, 2021

Written by Bas Kooijman

I have been an Entrepreneur for over 17 years in IT, Telecom & International Business – Gaining me invaluable experience leading me to the creation of “The Infinity Tool“ I now personally Coach 100’s of students, from over 20 countries, how to be profitable in the Forex Markets.

Video 3: Sunday Funday! What I Do To Make Sure I Can Keep Going!

Many entrepreneurs just keep going 24/7. They even cut back on sleep.

In this video I just want to share with you what I do to take a break sometimes, inform my team so no-one will be worried, and make sure I keep going at the important times of the week.

Tomorrow I really want to lay out a structure for making the right goals in the right timeframes and make a Massive Action Plan!
Thank you for watching and see you all tomorrow on the next video!

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